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1on1: Cathy Nesbitt-Stein from Dance Moms


Favorite Song

Thats the Moral of the Story

Favorite Artist

Loving Dua Lipa right now. The first time I heard her I ask ViVi who she was and when she replied Dua Lipa I said than you Do-a Twirl-a

Favorite Movie


Favorite TV

Vivi has me hooked on The Office

Favorite Book

the Crazy Rich Asians series

How did you get cast on Dance Moms? 

We auditioned for Dance Moms. We were the only outsiders from Abbeys studio. She told me via a communication “They would love us.”

Did you know the show would be a hit while filming?

No. It’s pretty amazing how it took off. 

What was it like to film Dance Moms? Walk us through the typical filming week.

The crew would come to CADC for the week starting on Tuesday. I’d go into makeup and briefing by the producers; such as what was going to happen and what I needed to hit for storyline. Dancers were given a small window to learn the dances and just tons of filming for content. Sometimes we’d be told by the head producer over in Pittsburgh at ALDC – nothing was happening and we needed to create some drama. By Thursday we’d wrap studio filming, Friday we’d travel and Saturday we’d compete.

What is your favorite episode of Dance Moms? 

I couldn’t say I haven’t seen all the episodes I was in. I think 75 + to be exact.

How did you run your dance studio and film a tv show at the same time? 

The studio continued to run because we would film during the day and production would need to tear down by 3:00 pm so we could reach by 4:00. This is why I rarely choreographed because I couldn’t go where the cast was staying after filming to continue with more choreography because I was working at the studio.

Do you still talk to any of the moms?

Melissa occasionally I talk to on social media. I do keep in touch with several moms from my TV teams.

Have you and Abby made up since the show? 

No lol I just called her on the phone and left a voice message – no response. Apparently she’s still mad about the handbag. 

How have you continued to run your dance studio through the pandemic?

The studio has been doing zoom and lots of interaction thru social media. We are doing a dance intensive and our goal is to reopen after Labor Day. 

Any upcoming projects you’d like to plug?

I am working on a YouTube channel where I’ll be chatting, decorating, coking and giving advice to dancers. I have so many fans say my comebacks are iconic. I’d like a section – “What would Cathy say?”  You know so many times we’ll say “I wish I would have said this…” so I will tell you how I would’ve responded. All in good fun I totally Anti bullying. 



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