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 My favorite restaurants are Saint-Hubert, McDonalds, Starbucks and Vert Vert.


One of my favorite song is Past lives by Borns, it is one of my favorite song because the intro is so beautiful and angelic, it makes me want to fly and then the song ”starts” and the drums and guitar kicks in and make me want to dance.


One of my favorite artist is Billie Eilish. I really love her music and her beautiful voice, but what makes her one of my favorite artist is her personality, she is so sweet and honest to her fans, she is funny, she uses her voice for good causes.


 Love, Rosie, The blind side, Girls Only, 13 going on 30, Call Me by Your Name, The Best of Me, I have many others but that’s all I’m going to put.

TV Show:

Atypical, Lucifer, Anne with an ”e”, the black list, Money heist, You, Cable Girls, Stranger Things, Good Girls, Dynasty, Grace and Frankie, The Simpsons, Disenchantment, Pretty Little Liars, etc…

How did you get started on social media? 

I first started social media at 8 years old when I went to a birthday party and saw a friend do a video and then asked my mom if I could do some. My mom after accompanied me through all of this.

What inspires you to make content on Likee?

The filters, the trends, the official hashtags inspires me to do videos on Likee.

What was the first video that made you go viral on Likee?

The first video that made me go viral was in March 2018.

Are you friends/make content with other Likee talent?

I created bonds with other creators that I would love to meet one day. We can create duets together.

How is Likee different from Tik Tok?

Likee is different from Tik Tok with all their effects and we have our own trends sometimes.


What is it like making/posting social media content in Canada vs. making it in the U.S.?

I represent Likee U.S. in Canada. I am apart of the Likee U.S. team. So it is not really different.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I see myself as an international influencer/actress and I would love to represent big brands and be apart of a big movie or series. I would also love to travel around the world.

How have acting classes been going?

I like the acting classes, i love to receive the good tips from the actors of my country. Acting is my passion.

Any advice for a future influencer/actress?

The first tip I would give is to be sure that you love what you are doing and to know that you when become popular people might change with you, they can act different around you for whatever reason. If you really love what you’re doing don’t stop because of that. Also, remember that everything is possible and that if you work hard for it you will get it. If you receive hate on social media, don’t change because of that. You could do anything and people would still find something to hate on, so it doesn’t matter if people hate you, don’t take it personally.



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