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Song: All Too Well by Taylor Swift will forever be my number 1! 

Artist: Taylor Swift, again. Forever a Swiftie.

Book:(I can’t think of a fav book lol)

TV Show: I have so many! One Tree Hill, The Office, 

Movie: The Notebook, i’ve seen it probably 10 times.

When did you get started in acting?

I started doing theatre when I was 10 years old. I’ve always known acting and singing were my lifelong goal and dream. I started professionally acting at 13!

What was the first ever role?

The first tv role I ever booked was a show called Blood Relatives! I was 13! It was a murder mystery show & super fun to film.

What was it like filming Speechless?

Filming Speechless was so fun! I had my first onscreen kiss with my now good friend, Mason Cook. The cast and crew are amazing! 

How was the casting process for Camp Arrowhead?

I sent in an audition tape and didn’t hear back for a few months so I forgot about the project. I got a call that they wanted to see me for a callback, so I went and met the director and producer & read for them in person.During filming, they told me that they knew the role was mine from the minute they saw my audition tape. So crazy!

How was handling a Bow and Arrow on set?

Learning archery was crazy! I am the LEAST coordinated/athletic person ever, so I had low expectations. I was training on set with our stunt coordinated in between every scene, I was so busy. Eventually, I got pretty good at it & was shooting bullseyes left and right! I miss archery and totally want to get back into it.

What is your favorite memory on any set?

Shooting Camp Arrowhead was one big ‘favorite memory’. I made some of my best friends forever on that set, so you can predict how much fun we had. We were always running around, crying from laughing, and joking nonstop. Specifically, the kissing scene with Carter was the funniest to shoot. We had the GIGGLES and could not get rid of them. We ruined so many shots by not being able to stop laughing. Sorry Director Tim!

How have you spent your days during quarantine?

Quarantine has been great for me to focus on my craft! I’ve been working on singing, writing, and launching my music career (stay tuned!) So I have been very productive, as well as focusing on myself and my mental health. Which is incredible important in times like this. Take care of you.

Anything exciting that you would like to tell

Nothing exciting, just important. Please continue to fight for BLM movement. Breonna Taylor still has not received justice. Use your voice, and never stop. http://vote.gov



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