The slap seen round the world which gives the Best Picture “Moonlight” mishap a run for its money, may go down as the Oscar’s most craziest moment in history.

Sources backstage thought it wasn’t real and a joke at first and then it set in.

Chris Rock was introducing the Best Documentary category at the Oscars, when he made a joke about Will Smith’s wife Jada and looking out for GI Jane 2. A reference to her bald head which insiders comment is part of a medical condition Jada suffers from.

Either way, Smith walked up on stage while Rock was still talking and punched him.

ABC censored and cut the sound on what Smith said next to Rock angrily from his chair, “keep my wife’s name out of your f-ing mouth”!

During a commercial break, Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington were seen talking to Smith from afar.

Then Diddy came up after Rock and got the crowd to relax and as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on and so it did!

The Academy ended up issuing a statement after the show.

Smith ended up about an hour later, winning “Best Actor” for his role in “King Richard”.

According to the AP, the slap was the talk of the Vanity Fair Party.

The Academy does have a code of conduct that members must adhere to. Many are calling for further action to be taken, time will tell. As for Rock, he’s not planning on pressing charges.

Though, LAPD is aware it’s up to Rock at the end of the day of he wants to pursue this further.

Today we interview Singer Lilo Baier who’s recent songs “Better in Time” and “Real Friends” have been true gems to listen to and the accompanying music videos cinematically gorgeous. Baier is represented by Key Elements PR.

What inspired you to become a singer?

Somebody who inspired me to be a singer is Taylor Swift. I love every single one of her songs, I listen to them every day. She is such a powerful person, and singer. She started singing at a young age, and worked so hard all her life –  I can really relate to that.

What’s your musical training process like?

I work weekly with my vocal coach from New York. I also used to sing at a performing academy where I had different singing classes all the time. I like to try out different styles, and classes! And of course I also learned from the 200 over performances I did since I was little. 

What was the first ever song that you ever recorded?

My first song I ever recorded was a cover of “Part of Your World”, from The Little Mermaid, when I was around 9 years old. That was my all time favorite song, and I decided I wanted to record myself singing it. That was my first time in a vocal studio working on a project by myself!

What’s a typical recording session like?

A typical recording session is such a blast. We start  off the day before noon. When I get to the studio, we work on some ideas. After finalizing what we want to record, we record the song in pieces. It’s always so much fun. We then take a bit of time to work on  harmonies and different elements we want to add in besides the main vocals. We then listen  to it , make some changes, and then it’s over!

What’s your process for coming up with new ideas for songs?

The process for coming up with ideas takes a while. I have a journal where I write down potential song ideas and topics that are important to me. When coming up with a new song, I look through it and choose a topic I want to write about.

What was it like to record your latest single?

Recording my latest single was such an amazing experience. I got to sing about something that was really important to me and that I wanted to share! It took a while and a lot of hard work for my EP to finally come out, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.     

Tell us more about your music video from concept to completion?

My latest music video was “Better in Time”. This song is about how things may not always be great, but believing in yourself and your dreams, things will get better. I wanted to do a music video that was very clean, and calming. We found a perfect place to film it. It had a lot of nature and golden lighting. When we got to the set, we explored all the different rooms and chose where we were going to record each part in. I loved the experience!  

Some advice you’d give to a teen your age who wants to become a singer?

Some advice I would give is definitely to NEVER give up. No matter what. There are going to be a lot of no’s and rejections, but pushing through and believing in yourself is key.

Andre Robinson stars in the new Disney + remake of Cheaper by the Dozen. Frudy had a chance to interview Andre on what it was like film the movie and how his acting career got started. Robinson is repped by CESD Talent Agency and Key Elements PR.

What inspired you to get into the entertainment industry?

When I was six years old, my mom quit her job to become a homemaker. Her friend, who managed children, encouraged her to put me in the entertainment industry and she decided to give it a try.

What was the first ever role that you booked?

I booked was a movie entitled Kumba! It was my first voiceover job as a baby meerkat in the film.

What’s your favorite part about acting?

I’ve done theatrical and a variety of voiceover acting and my absolute favorite is getting behind the mic and becoming an animated character with voiceover. It’s thrilling!

What was the audition process like for Cheaper by the Dozen?

The initial audition went very well and I had two callbacks that included a lot of improv. Interestingly enough, I didn’t get coached for this audition, but I was taking an improv class, which really helped me.

What was a typical day on set like and how long did you film for?

Every day was exhilarating. Since we filmed during Covid, the day started with a “Covid check-in” then hair, makeup, wardrobe, and then to either set or school. It was focused, fast-paced, and exciting. Most days were full 8-hour days, but a few days, less.

Tell us more about the character you played in the film?

My character is DJ. He’s loveable, super smart, and nerdy. Comic books and superheroes totally excite him. Although his biological father is rich and popular, he’s drawn to his stepfather who relates to him

Do you have a favorite memory from set?

My favorite memory was the first few days on set when the entire cast bonded when we had to learn a hip-hop dance. It was hilarious!

What was it like working with such a large ensemble cast?

I had a blast! Sometimes it felt chaotic (in a good way) when we were all in the same scene–including the dogs!

What was it like for you to be a part of a the film which has a huge legacy and is a memorable classic?

Words can’t explain how grateful I am to be a part of this legacy that began as a novel in 1948 and the first movie in 1950! Incredibly each remake reflects its current era which makes it more memorable. I’m truly honored that Disney entrusted me with a role in such a remarkable classic film.

Any advice you’d give to a teen your age who wants to become an actor?

Go for it! And, DON’T GIVE UP no matter what. Enter the industry knowing that there’s a lot of rejection, but it’s not personal. There’s also a lot of rewards. If it’s your passion, pursue it and don’t let anyone discourage you.

Kickstarter is the home for indie filmmakers who are looking to raise money to get their projects made from family, friends and fans alike.

The latest fundraiser from the platform is for a found footage horror film entitled “Shelby Oaks“.

The campaign for the film launched March 1st and was seeking a goal of $250,000.

As of March 21st, they have raised $650,000 and counting.

The film is directed by first-time director Chris Stuckmann who also wrote the script.

Here’s a synopsis of the film from the Kickstarter:

Shot as a traditional feature, but with some elements of found footage, Shelby Oaks is a horror film about missing paranormal investigators (the paranormal paranoids), the dark legacy they uncovered, and the far-reaching effects their investigation has as Mia searches for her sister Riley, the lead paranormal investigator, 12 years later.

As Mia uncovers new and disturbing leads related to Riley’s disappearance, she uncovers evidence of a hidden supernatural evil dating all the way back to her and Riley’s childhood.

The poster art looks pretty epic too! And you can get your own poster, blu-ray, t-shirt and/or even a Producer credit could be yours based on your package tier. Packages start out at just $25.

According to, production will take place in Cleveland, Ohio with AMP International handling world sales for the picture.

Zendaya and Tom Holland is the world’s most favorite and lovable young couple. They do everything together!

So when Tom Holland posted the picture seen around the world last September wishing his “MJ” (Zendaya) the happiest of birthdays everybody started asking what the heck kind of camera did she use?!

First off, you can tell its ultra cinematic looking and super retro.

Almost looks to be a film camera of sorts.

Fans have trying to figure out what kind of camera this is and we got the scoop for you.

Read on below to find out what kind of camera it is.

The camera is none other than a Contax T2 Silver 35mm Camera.

This super artsy, compact camera can be purchased on Amazon clicking here.



Sheridan, WY – Frudy has renewed Season 2 of its debut news program “Frudy Tonight”.

The short form news vodcast is anchored by Matt Dugan and will air on Sundays at 7pm est. starting March 27, 2022.

The vodcast’s short format focuses on a week-in-review and what’s coming up the following week in U.S. Politics and will feature top experts on perspective topics.

“I am looking forward to being back at the Anchor Desk and carrying a weekly conversation with our viewers”, Anchor Matt Dugan commented on the Season 2 renewal announcement.

Frudy Tonight” will be available for streaming on YouTube, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Spotify.

The gold rush is back and $AMC is on the track.

Apes, here’s one headline for the books. $AMC, the global premiere movie theater destination chain is getting into the gold and silver market. The company announced this morning they will be acquiring a 22% ownership stake of Hycroft Mining.

Mr. President Aron himself tweeted pictures this morning of himself showing off the land where the mine is based at.

As part of the deal AMC will purchase over 23m shares at $1.07 a pop and get to appoint a designee into a board of directors seat.

From movies to popcorn to now gold and silver, AMC is making moves.

A-List membership just got a whole new form of shiny to it!

TV Shows since the inception of TV shows have always had music play at the beginning of every episode. The piece of music is called a Theme Song or Opening Titles Song. Many theme songs over the years have been mega hits!

The Brady Bunch theme song is one of those that just gets stuck in your head.

More modern theme songs such as for AMC’s Mad Men feature instrumental cues and less song performances.

The most famous tv theme song of all time is “I’ll be there for you” by Rembrandts from FRIENDS.

F9 is by far one of the most action-packed movies of the Fast and the Furious franchise.

We’re taking a deep dive into the internet’s obsession with this movie and get your questions answered.

Read all the way down to learn a shocking fact about the movie and watch some crazy behind the scenes of the stunt work.

What apps have F9 movie now?

HBO MAX and Hulu with Premium Subscription.

Was the Armadillo in F9 really drive able?

The Armadillo was a custom-built 16-wheeler bullet-proof truck. And yes, it was fully driveable for the stunt drivers that did the work. There was no CGI involved with this scene which is what makes it even more spectacular.

Did they really smash a car into a boxed truck in F9?

Yes, they did! It was only seen for 4 seconds in the film, however, according to Director Justin Lin

it took 8 months of prep and 4 days to film. Insane!!

Where was F9 filmed at?

Production took place in several countries. Though the majority was filmed at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, England. Additional filming took place in Los Angeles, CA and in Thailand in Karbi, Ko Pha-ngan, and Phuket.

What song is used in the end credits?

Every F9 move has a song in the end credits to celebrate the excitement of the picture we just watched!

In F9, as the sun sets over Downtown Los Angeles and we see the gang get together the song “Real” by Justin Quiles, Dalex & Konshens plays over that scene.

Then as the credits roll, the end credits song is a remix of Don Toliver, Lil Durk & Latto’s song “Fast Lane”.

Fun Fact: They couldn’t crash anymore cars…

Capri Everitt is a 17-year-old Guinness World Record-holding singer. She received world-wide recognition in the international media during her journey “Around the World in 80 Anthems” where she sang 80anthems in 80 countries in their native languages to raise money and awareness for orphaned and abandoned children through SOS Children’s Villages.


Artist: Ariana Grande

Song: done for me (Charlie Puth)

Book: The hate u give

Film: too many to list 🙂

TV Show: Shameless

How did you get your start as a Singer?

When I was five years old, my parents put me in piano lessons and I would constantly be singing along to what I had written. Because of this, they decided to put me in singing lessons as well and ever since my first live performance, I have not wanted to do anything else!

What was it like traveling the world to raise money for SOS Children’s Villages?

Traveling the world at such a young age was probably one of the most enlightening and educational experiences I believe I will have for the rest of my life. Due to the fact that we stayed in orphanages in half the countries we went to, I had the opportunity to experience cultures completely authentically.

Source: Guinness World Record’s YouTube Channel

What was the process like leading up to the Guinness World Records event?

We set out on the 80 Anthems journey not thinking of the Guinness world record at all. It was actually only when we were in country 79 (England) that we thought of visiting the offices. They immediately loved the story and invited me back for an interview. Later on, they ended up verifying my record as well!

You have performed live in front of thousands of stadium members at sporting events, what is it like to sing in front of all of those people?

A funny personality trait of mine is that I can sing in front of as many people as I don’t know without getting nervous at all. However, I tend to get a little nervous when it’s in front of people I really care about.

How did you get cast on GoatFamLA?

I actually love telling this story. It all started when I made an audition video based on Elle Woods’ Harvard Admissions Essay from the movie Legally Blonde, and sent it in to GoatFam’s Instagram. The manager of the house absolutely loved it and she flew me out the next week to join the squad. It has been the most fun experience of my life and definitely the best year so far!

What inspires you to make your own music?

Singing is my passion and I believe that the only way you can make people feel with your music is if your music is true to you and comes from the heart!

Source: Capri Everitt’s YouTube Channel

What’s the typical process like for making a song?

I will typically come up with a chord progression or find a beat that I like and I will freestyle melodies until I find one that fits perfectly. Then I will apply a strong feeling that is relevant in my life at the time and will write the song about that! I find that the strongest emotions make the best songs so I try to completely let loose when I write!

What are somethings outside of music that you like to do for fun?

My favorite things to do in my spare time are taking dance classes, hanging out with friends and school work (because I am still a senior lol).