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Mandy Corrente is a Singer, Dancer and Actress who recently went viral with her appearance on The Ellen Show.

Corrente is represented by Lisa Malcolm at Z Star Digital.

Photo Credit: Juan Abreu

What inspired you to get into the entertainment industry?

I got very motivated by seeing a lot of kids doing things in the industry, and I wanted to bring happiness to kids and families with my songs and dances.

What’s the first ever acting job that you booked?

It was a commercial for a Puppy Brand called Dry and Fluffy, and it was super fun because I got to play with a cute puppy.

What’s your process for coming up with new music?

First, my mom and I talk about what I want to sing about, and then she comes up with a concept for the song. We have a brainstorming session, and then we start to create the beats and the melody with the producers. Sometimes I don’t hear the music until it is ready to record, and it’s exciting because it is always something different and fun to sing.

How do you come up with ideas for your music videos?

We always do a brainstorming meeting with ideas and concepts for the song, and my mom creates the storyboards with the directors. The idea begins with the lyrics of the songs, and then we try to do things that are fun for kids to watch and dance along with.

What’s it like to film your music videos?

It is so long sometimes, but it is always fun; I play a lot with my friends on set, and we enjoy the work, but it is hard work, and I have to sing and dance like 300 times.

Source: Mandy Corrente’s YouTube Channel

What’s the first ever video that you did that went viral and what was it like?

I was on vacation in North Carolina, and I was about to go skiing. I decided to do a TikTok before we left the cabin, and my mom posted it. It was a fantastic experience, the TikTok got more than 100 million views, and I got invited to be on The Ellen Show. It was a dream come true.

How do you come up with your content ideas for social media?

Each time I release a new song, my social media photo and covers change to adapt to the song’s mood. I like changes. It keeps things fun!

Any advice you’d give to a young person your age who wants to do what you do?

Just follow your dreams, do what you love and be yourself no matter what. Stay true to yourself always and work hard to conquer your dreams.

Photo Credit: Gene Reed

Joshua Turchin is a Singer/Songwriter and Host of The Early Late Show with Joshua Turchin. Turchin is represented by Key Elements PR.

Turchin is back at it again with another incredible single release. The Broadway Singer and Songwriter released on Friday a brand new single entitled “Does It Make You Feel Better”.

Frudy had a chance to interview Joshua Turchin about the track.

Read on to learn more about the song, what the inspiration was for it and what the music video might just look like!

What is your new song about?

My new song is about dealing with bullying, asking that age-old question of why it makes some people feel better to put other people down.

What inspired you to make this song?

Going into the first lockdown, I was experiencing some cyberbullying from a group of friends that I had previously worked with. It ended up getting really bad, but it made for a pretty cool song!

What was it like to record the song?

It was one of the most incredible writing experiences working with Victoria Shaw. She’s such an amazing songwriter. When we got to the recording studio, Victoria and I came up with some specific notes and things to work on, and from there we just taped for the next few hours. After we were done, we took notes and listened back to the finished product, sending it off to be mixed and mastered. Victoria Shaw and Rocco Fiorentino produced the single.

Is there a music video coming for the song?

The song was released April 2nd and the music video is still in production, but is being released soon! Make sure to follow me on all of my social media at @joshuaturchin for more updates, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for a first look!

Today we interview Singer Lilo Baier who’s recent songs “Better in Time” and “Real Friends” have been true gems to listen to and the accompanying music videos cinematically gorgeous. Baier is represented by Key Elements PR.

What inspired you to become a singer?

Somebody who inspired me to be a singer is Taylor Swift. I love every single one of her songs, I listen to them every day. She is such a powerful person, and singer. She started singing at a young age, and worked so hard all her life –  I can really relate to that.

What’s your musical training process like?

I work weekly with my vocal coach from New York. I also used to sing at a performing academy where I had different singing classes all the time. I like to try out different styles, and classes! And of course I also learned from the 200 over performances I did since I was little. 

What was the first ever song that you ever recorded?

My first song I ever recorded was a cover of “Part of Your World”, from The Little Mermaid, when I was around 9 years old. That was my all time favorite song, and I decided I wanted to record myself singing it. That was my first time in a vocal studio working on a project by myself!

What’s a typical recording session like?

A typical recording session is such a blast. We start  off the day before noon. When I get to the studio, we work on some ideas. After finalizing what we want to record, we record the song in pieces. It’s always so much fun. We then take a bit of time to work on  harmonies and different elements we want to add in besides the main vocals. We then listen  to it , make some changes, and then it’s over!

What’s your process for coming up with new ideas for songs?

The process for coming up with ideas takes a while. I have a journal where I write down potential song ideas and topics that are important to me. When coming up with a new song, I look through it and choose a topic I want to write about.

What was it like to record your latest single?

Recording my latest single was such an amazing experience. I got to sing about something that was really important to me and that I wanted to share! It took a while and a lot of hard work for my EP to finally come out, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.     

Tell us more about your music video from concept to completion?

My latest music video was “Better in Time”. This song is about how things may not always be great, but believing in yourself and your dreams, things will get better. I wanted to do a music video that was very clean, and calming. We found a perfect place to film it. It had a lot of nature and golden lighting. When we got to the set, we explored all the different rooms and chose where we were going to record each part in. I loved the experience!  

Some advice you’d give to a teen your age who wants to become a singer?

Some advice I would give is definitely to NEVER give up. No matter what. There are going to be a lot of no’s and rejections, but pushing through and believing in yourself is key.

Bryson Robinson plays Chris in Brat TV’s hit series Mani.

Our editorial team had a chance to interview Bryson about how got cast in Mani, what set life what was like and more!

How did you get your start in acting?

I started acting when I was 4 years old. I loved to make people laugh and to make people happy. I took every opportunity to perform.

What was the first ever role that you booked and what was it like filming it for the first time?

My first role I booked was a commercial for Party City. It was so cool being on set for the first time. I got to make friends and have fun filming. I was hooked from then on. I loved all the attention.

What was the casting process for Mani like?

Chris is really a big part of my life. I totally identified with him as soon as I read the script for the first time. I was so excited to film when I found out I booked it!

Tell us about how you developed your character on Mani?

I have really grown up with my character Chris over the last 6 seasons. Chris started out being a bit mischievous and sneaky in the first couple seasons but developed into being a great friend with a lot of physical comedy moments.

What’s a typical day on set like?

A typical day on set is normally show up at call time and receive the sides for the day. Report to the set teacher then to hair and makeup and wardrobe. We start on set school then rehearsal blocking of the first scene we are filming for the day. Then more set school and filming. We break for lunch and get to hang out with our friends. Then back to school and work after lunch.

Which cast members do you hang out most with after filming?

We are all friends. After filming, we have hung out at Universal Studios, Sugar Factory, AMC and we all group chat.

Any advice you’d give to a teen your age interested in getting into acting?

Train hard and always keep learning. It may take a while to book your first job, but when you do it will be so rewarding. Be awesome, be you!!

Zoe Nazarian was born and raised in Southern California, Zoe had a passion for performing at a young age. Her career started with acting, but at just 13 years old she dove into the world of social media, creating her own YouTube videos. Taking on the “big sister” role in her videos Zoe is known for sharing advice, how-to’s and her life as a Southern California teen, Zoe quickly became a YouTube sensation. She was selected to be the youngest participant in YouTube’s Women in Comedy Program in partnership with Elizabeth Bank’s Production Company WhoHaHa in which she wrote, produced, directed, and acted in her own video. Zoe has been nominated as Best Influencer at the Young Artist Awards and has written for Tiger Beat Magazine as well as collaborating with such brands as Beauty Blender, Tarte Cosmetics, and Reebox. When not influencing the tween and teen market, Zoe enjoys creating videos on TikTok, spending time with her family, and hanging out with her friends. Bio courtesy of Imagine PR Group.

First Acting Job:

My first acting job was a commercial for a medical, liquid bandage that aired everywhere but the USA! It was a cool experience for me, but I had to pretend to almost kiss a boy and at 13, that was super awkward!

Favorite Project You’ve Worked On:

My favorite video I’ve ever made was How to Find Your Confidence. I was chosen as the youngest participant in Youtube’s Women in Comedy program (in partnership with WhoHaHa, an Elizabeth Banks production company) where I wrote, produced, directed, and acted in my own production on set, with a professional crew. I also got to play two characters and even got to include my actual mom in the video!

Dream Car:

My dream car is a black Range Rover with black interior and red stitching!

Favorite Hobbies:

Does watching hours of TikTok count as a hobby? I also love shopping, hanging out at the beach and playing with my dog Malibu!

Favorite Vacation Spot:

My favorite vacation spot so far has been Jamaica! I even filmed an entire tour of the resort I stayed at! Come on vacation with me!

Birthplace:  Tarzana, California 

Hobbies: Surfing, skiing, skateboarding, video games, legos, art, and golf.

What was your first job that you worked on? A music video by Spoon the Band , Called “Do You” 

If you were to have your own movie about your life, who would play you? I think Thomas Parobek. He’s an up and coming actor and we will be in a movie together soon, but he’s literally a mini me.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Cabo San Lucas! Or really any beach! I love the Caribbean as well!

What is your dream car? A Ferrari or a Gull Wing classic Mercedes 

Photo credit Nat Warr photography 


Song: High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco

Artist: Lauv, 24kGoldn and The Jonas Brothers

Book: Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean movies – but more recently Silver Linings Playbook.

TV Show: Suits on Netflix or Dickinson’s on Apple TV.

How did you get started in acting?

I’ve been acting for as long as I can remember, I had acting lessons at school (Kirkham Grammar School) from around five years old, as I got older I attended stage school and used to perform plays in the holidays to family and close friends and later joined Lytham Academy of Theatre Arts, which was my local theatre school at the time. During my last year at school it got a little bit more serious or at least I allowed myself to commit to acting as a profession and career which I would do for the rest of my life.

What was the first ever role you booked?

My first role came in my last year of school when I landed a role in ‘Milked’ written by Simon Longman at The Arts Theatre West End in London’s West End. After that I then played the role of the ‘The Mind’ in the acclaimed theatrical production of ‘Borderline Electra’ in Manchester directed by Stevie Helps, which was transferred to the Footlights Theatre, after a sellout run at The Lowry theatre. I played the character of The Mind, who could be described as the showman of the play. I conveyed the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the different characters throughout, especially the lead character Rachel’s with her mixed emotions and borderline personality disorder. It was very physical and abstract and if mental health was a voice and body it would look like my character. It was so exciting as an actor to get the chance to play a role so unusual and surreal yet so clear and definite. The production was a success and it was my first chance to be on stage in a professional environment knowing this is what I want to do and I became firm friends with Stevie Helps the director and still very much talk and keep in touch with the cast! I signed with my agent after the production wrapped and booked Where’s Wally five weeks later which was in December 2019!

How did you audition for your VO role on Where’s Wally?

It was actually the first VO audition I had, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I had a call from my agent last December inviting me to the audition in London that same day and it was only when I got to the studio a few hours later that I was told what it was I was auditioning for. I thought the audition went really well and I remember coming out and telling someone on the London Underground that I just came out of the best audition ever and being proud that I couldn’t have done anymore than I did and really gave it my best shot. I got the call from my agent the next day letting me know the good news that I’d booked the role and I was just amazed and incredulous and subsequently started recording sessions in January!

What was your typical day like making the show?

I usually head to London, arrive at the recording studio and do around 4/5 hours of recordings each day – I usually record each line a couple of different ways. As a bit of a laugh my family bought me a Where’s Wally striped shirt, hat and glasses for Christmas so I thought it would be fun and also help me get into character if I took those to my first recording session. It definitely produced a few laughs and broke the ice with the recording crew!

How did you come up with the voice for Wally?

Where’s Wally is the British version of the show ‘Where’s Waldo’ for NBCUniversal / Peacock in the US so when casting they very much wanted authentic British accents. In the audition I tried my natural voice but just very much in a high register and it worked. At times the script is fast paced with some tongue-twister lines and crazy long names for the contraptions that Wally whips up to solve problems; they can certainly be a challenge! He’s definitely a fun, intelligent, fast thinking problem solver who always has a positive, happy, ‘anything is possible’ attitude and I definitely wanted to reflect this in his voice.

What are you working on now?

I’m actually still recording Season 2 of Where’s Wally while taking classes at Cynthia Bain’s Young Actor Studio!

Any upcoming projects you’d like to share about?

Yes! I have recently been cast as one of the leading voices in the new Netflix Original / DreamWorks Animation produced series ‘Go, Dog. Go!’ which will premiere soon on Netflix. The series is based on the children’s book ‘Go, Dog. Go!’ written by P.D Eastman and edited by Dr. Suess. The show follows a group of young pups and their adventures in Pawston.

Song: Mr. Brightside

Artist: The White Stripes

Book: The Cruel Prince Series l

Movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

TV Show: The Queens Gambit and it was phenomenal!

How did you get started in acting?

When I was a little girl, I was a competitive dancer, and my absolute favorite part about it was performing. I was very expressive on stage and liked to story tell in my routines. Apparently, I also had the “it factor”. My parents saw this and thought that acting would be a good fit for me.

What was the first role you ever booked?

I booked two projects at the same time! One was a short called Pals, and the other was a Dell commercial. The Pals short was such a great first role. I played an Android and had to have a full-body casting for the prosthetics. The Dell commercial was such an adventure, we were filming driving around in the desert in an RV. Austin North played my brother, and it was his first job as well. It’s been so cool watching him in Outer Banks on Netflix, he keeps doing great things!

What was the audition process like for LIGHTS OUT?

The audition process was very quick for Lights Out! I actually got the audition the day of and had to rush up to LA. I met with my coach and manager Sharon Lane and she didn’t like the boots and the shirt I was wearing for the audition because she said I needed to have more comfortable clothes to move around in. She gave me one of her shirts and a pair of flip flops three sizes too big and I went to the audition. Sure enough, she was right and I was crawling all over the floor very creature-like in the casting office. I booked it off that first audition. I think what got me the role was my willingness to go out of my comfort zone and act so crazy.

What was set life like on LIGHTS OUT?

The set of Lights Out was awesome. We filmed on location at an old, abandoned hospital. The creepiness was off the charts. We wandered around the whole hospital to find the creepiest places and ended up in a very outdated mental ward. I had hours’ worth of FX makeup on to make me look extra creepy. Filming Lights Out was almost as scary as watching the actual movie. They picked the perfect environment to film my scenes.

Tell us about the time when you worked on YOUNG SHELDON. What was it like working on the hit sitcom?

Reoccurring on Young Sheldon as Molly was a surreal experience! We filmed on the Warner Bros lot, which was a very memorable experience. The history and the size of that lot always amazes me. The best part was I got to work alongside Jason Alexander, Seinfeld, and comedy legend! He plays the drama teacher, and I am his star student, so when they brought back his storyline I got to come back as well. He was so interesting to talk to about karate and acting! Being on the most-watched sitcom on TV is pretty cool to get to add to my resume!

What inspired you to launch your own eye glasses line Zoome?

So much has transferred online now because of quarantine, from my college classes to EcoCast auditions. I’ve also spent a lot of time binging shows and on my electronics. With all of this screen time, I was getting lots of eyestrain, headaches, and my sleep schedule was messed up. I researched this and found that blue-light was to blame, and blue-light blocking glasses were the solution. Instead of buying a pair, I got the idea of starting a business selling them. Then ZOOMe was born! Both of my parents are my partners and we all put in our expertise and skill into the business.

How do you come up with all of the different design ideas?

My mom has a fashion degree, so this is where her expertise comes in. She has a knack for finding the most stylish frames. She also can find something trendy or classic for anyone; kids, teens, adults, readers, you name it. There is no one I trust more than my mom when it comes to fashion!

Any advice you’d give to somebody who wants to get into acting or start their own business?

Get ready for rejection in acting, and trial and error when starting a business. You need to know these are part of the learning process. Don’t get discouraged as soon as you hit your first roadblock. Just keep pushing through and you will see the rewards of your hard work! My job is 95% rejection, and I don’t see it as a bad thing anymore. Auditioning is part of your job, and likely what you will spend the most time doing so it’s important to learn to accept and enjoy the process.

Is there a favorite acting program and/or coach you’d like to recommend other actors should go to/work with?

Of course, I think my manager is the best, but she only works with her clients (feeling lucky!). I would highly recommend Kimberly Crandall. She is also a part of I’m really excited to be working with her on Mission 22, she has so much talent and insight.

Any exciting projects you’d like to announce that are coming up?

I’m thrilled to be working on My Fathers Joy next year where I play the main character, she will be a fun challenge to play. It’s back to my horror roots and a thriller for the first time since Lights Out. It’s also a twisted love story. I seriously can’t wait! Sent from my iPhone


Artist: Ariana Grande

Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

What made you want to get into acting?

I always loved pretending to be other characters. I would watch Disney and Nickelodeon shows and I just knew I could do that. I was really lucky that my grandma and mom agreed to let me try, and I was able to get a manager and agent.

How did you get your first agent and manager?

I signed with my manager first, someone recommended them to us, and I went to their office to meet them, they were so nice and had the coolest dogs, I fell in love, and they liked me too, so they signed me. My manager set up a meeting with the agent, I went in and they asked me a bunch of questions and we talked for maybe a half an hour, and then they called us a couple of days later and said they wanted to work with me.

What was your first ever job?

My first job I ever booked was a Tamiflu commercial, then a week later I booked a Pepperidge Farm commercial.

How is your work day different on a VO job vs a traditional acting job?

A traditional acting job is usually in the studio or on location. I am there about 9 hours, I do 3 hours of school with a set teacher, and get a break for lunch. I love getting to pretend to be someone else, getting to be really dramatic, or just being different from the real me. It is my favorite thing to do! Voice over work is great too, I am usually in the recording studio just a couple of hours, and I love the people I am on the show with. On one of the shows I work on all of the characters go in the booth together and record, it’s really cool.

What was the casting process like for T.O.T.S?

My first audition for T.O.T.S. was at the Disney studios, such a cool place to visit. Then I went back for a callback. I booked the role of Octavia the Octopus first, then then hired me to be Mia!

What’s it like working with Vanessa Williams on the show?

I love Vanessa Williams, and it is exciting to play her daughter on T.O.T.S., but we never get to record at the same time! I love that her character is a pelican and she is Mia’s (the kitty) mom, they like to show that every family is different and that’s ok!

How did you find the voice to play Mia?

I always used to make up baby voices for my dolls, so when I got the audition it was pretty easy for me. Mia is a baby kitty, and all of the other voices I do on the show are babies too.

What’s was the casting process like on LA’s Finest?

LA’s Finest was a fun audition. There were only like 4-5 pages of lines on the first call, and then I got the callback a few days later. It went really fast after that, wardrobe was just a day or two later. Rebecca Budwig who plays my mom was there for the wardrobe fitting, so it was great to get to meet her before we started filming. I didn’t know it would be recurring when I first booked it, so I was so excited when they called me back for more episodes.

Tell us about your first time on set.

The first time I was ever on set was so great. I couldn’t believe that I had my own trailer, and craft service had every snack I could want. We filmed on a huge sound stage and there were a bunch of small sets that were supposed to look like the inside of houses, they were made really small because I was supposed to look like a giant. I had the best day ever.

What other projects have you worked on?

I have done 5 or 6 commercials, and a few really fun BuzzFeed videos. I also worked on the show Marvel Runaways, and a movie of the week called Killer Single Dad. I do a voice on Muppet Babies and recently filmed my favorite role so far on The Orville, but I am not allowed to talk about it yet.


Song: Love Moved First by Casting Crowns – @castingcrownsofficial Artist: Casting Crowns, Danny Gokey, Leanna Crawford, Hope Darst, Hillsong!!! Book: The Bible! Movie: Overcomer, Unplanned, I Still Believe, Tangled!! TV Show: Manifest, Alexa & Katie, Austin & Allie

How did you get started with dancing?

I have been dancing since 3 yrs old! I used to watch 2 TV shows called Fresh Beat Band and LazyTown and they were the cutest dance shows and I would stand in front of my tv learning every move and piece of choreography, so at 5 I started dance lessons:)

What was the first ever dance trophy you won?

Omg I was so honored to win 1st place overall Junior Dancer at HollyWood Vibe dance competition!!!

How did you join the ALDC?

It so cool…when I was 7 yrs old my mom knew I needed and wanted me to have more advanced/comprehensive training and The Abby Lee Dance Company was the best and about an hour away from my house, so my parents took me and the rest is history!!

How did you and your mom get cast on Dance Moms?

Well when I started at ALDC it was the most amazing training and mentors, so like within a year I worked so hard and had such great training I was like 8 taking senior classes! So from there the producers kind of started invited me a filming me at different competitions and you could kind of see they were kind of getting interested and then they interviewed my mom and I and my first episode was in Season 4.5:) 

What was it like filming Dance Moms?

It was the most amazing and crazy stressful opportunity!! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to train and travel with the most amazing talented dancers!! It was definitely stressful at times, but worth every second because it has literally helped mold me into the dancer and person I am today!!:)

Do you still talk to anyone from the show?

Yes through like Snapchat and Social Media! The girls from the show are the sweetest and we will ALWAYS support each other in everything we do!!

How did you come up with the dance for Alexis Marrero’s music video?

Ahhh it was so fun!! Natalie, Jonna, and I choreographed the dance together at Millenium Dance Complex in Pittsburgh in about 2 hours! Then we had like 2 practices together to clean it and then we went to Ohio where Alexis lives and filmed the video at Lake Erie it was such a fun day and the most amazing experience to be on location together filming such a pretty song with such a powerful meaning!!

Is there anything exciting that you’re working on that you would want your fans to know about?

Yes!!! I am currently working on a secret project with my dear friend and choreographer Kelsi Patten for a Dance Video we are creating for a very special Christian band which will be coming out soon in the beginning of September!! Also, I just professionally filmed a Dance Video to a song called “Masterpiece” by Danny Gokey which will be released soon thereafter!! These projects are like next level, and I am so excited SO PLEASE STAY TUNED!!

Thank you for allowing me to answer your questions and be interviewed!! I have been so blessed with so many amazing opportunities and I’d just like to to thank my Lord and Savior for the life He has given me – I would not be who I am or where I am without my Faith!!♥️
Much Love, Sarah Ashley Hunt